Cataract Scheduling Information


Thank you for choosing Commonwealth Eye Care Associates for your surgical needs.

Below are videos to tell you more information about scheduling and preparing for your cataract surgery.

You will receive a surgery packet in the office with important information concerning your upcoming surgery. It is helpful to review this information before your surgery scheduling phone call.

For your convenience, we have separated the videos if you want to review a specific portion.

Surgery Scheduling Process (Complete 12:00 min)

  1. Surgery Scheduling Folder Contents (2:00 min)
  2. Choosing Surgery Dates (1:35 min)
  3. Medical Approval (2:25 min)
  4. Preoperative Instructions (1:00 min)
  5. What to Eat and Drink (1:12 min)
  6. Overview (2:32 min)

Click here for the Information Sheet on Preparing for your Upcoming Surgery


 Cataract Surgery Scheduling Process

 Please watch this full video to help prepare you for your upcoming surgery. For your convenience, this video is broken down into different topics below.



Surgery Folder Contents


Choosing Your Surgery Dates



 Medical Approval from your PCP



Pre-Operative Instructions


 What to Eat and Drink Prior to Surgery


 Overview of Surgery Scheduling Process 



If you have further questions please reach out to the Surgery Scheduling Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you!